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How to create Email swipes for affiliate marketing pdf The Ultimate Guide in 2024


To become successful affiliate marketer email marketing is an important strategy. by creating high-quality email swipes You can get more clicks and sales. So if you want to get more clients in affiliate marketing, your email swipes should be honest and attractive. Many affiliate products offer free email swipes from their vendors. But some require you to create email swipes yourself. So in this tutorial, we will explore Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing in detail. And what are email swipes? How is it work? You can learn many things like these. We will also provide downloadable free email swipes for affiliate marketing pdf at the end.

What are email swipes?

Email Swipe is a designed template to attract users. That email template contains information about your affiliate product or service. This template includes the purpose, benefits, and affiliate link of the product. And the wording is used to encourage users to purchase the product. You can retarget your visitors by using email swipes.

How is email swipe work?

A marketer collects users’ emails using his website or social media to promote his products or services. Then he is ready to carry out email marketing to retarget those users. Then he creates email swipes. He manually or automatically sends those email swipes to the collected emails using an email marketing tool. He pastes his affiliate link in that email. When users click on that link and make a purchase, the marketer gets the commissions for it. Like this email swipes are working. When email swipes include the following, it will increase users’ trust in you.

Find the Pain of Users

You need to know user’s pain. Find out, why they suffering and what is best to solve their pain. If you have already selected a product, consider how that product will help users, and your email swipe should be a way to let them know that you can get the solution to that pain in your product.

Personalize the swipe

Customize email swipe to suit your users. That means the user’s name should be there. You should share your experience with that product. Add more information to make your email genuine.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the email swipe. If the content in your email swipe is helpful to visitors, they will click your affiliate link and buy the product.

How do I create an email swipes for affiliate marketing pdf?

What is Email swipes

To succeed in your business creating an excellent email swipe file is essential. You can earn income only if the email swipe is good. So let’s explore how email swipes should look.

Understand your audience

You should understand your audience first. Find out audience needs, what challenges they face, and what they are most interested in, and tailor the content of your email swipe accordingly.

Collect proven swipe

Learn from experienced affiliate marketers. Subscribe to their email lists. and learn their strategies. Also, save their email swipes. A lot can be learned from experienced email swipes.

Create Original swipe

Take what you’ve learned from email swipes from experienced affiliate marketers and create original swipes tailored to your product and audience. don’t copy and paste their email swipes and create them your own.

Organize the email swipes.

Categorize the email swipes you create according to your product type, target audience, and email style. By categorizing in this way, you can quickly get the required email swipe whenever needed.

How to Use Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing?

By using Email Swipes properly, you can get many benefits; Let’s see how to use them.

Divide the Email Swipes

Divide your product, audience, and interest into separate segments based on multiple factors. When everything is together, it cannot be easy to discern in times of need.

A/B Testing

To know which Email Swipes are working, you should use A/B Testing. It would help if you observed what needs to be changed. Consistent use of well-performing Email Swipes can yield good results.

Use proper timing

Time management is essential here, you need to know your audience’s location and when they are most connected to the internet and act accordingly.

Are Email Swipes Working for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, Email Swipes are Working for Affiliate Marketing. If the email swipes are engaging and solve users’ problems, You can see more sales. However, the effectiveness of email swipes varies depending on a few factors.

As mentioned above, if your email swipes are quality, i.e., if they solve the user’s problem, it will benefit you. A quality email swipe will get more clicks and significant sales.

If your email swipe is a way to understand user pain points and provide solutions, It become an indispensable feature in affiliate marketing.

You can only stay in affiliate marketing with email marketing. So email marketing needs high-quality email swipes. The more quality email swipes you generate, the more you will benefit from affiliate marketing.

Download Free Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing PDF

Email Swipes templates prepared by us are given below for you. Take them as an example and adapt your email swipes to suit your products and audiences.

Download your Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing PDF


In today’s competitive affiliate marketing, using the right tools can make a lot of benefits. What is an Email Swipe? How are email swipes working? How do I create an email swipe file? How to Use Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing? By learning about etc., you become a better affiliate marketer.

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